CDMAC proposes to develop itself as a specialized Arbitration Council for disputes arising out of contravention of any of the provisions of Information Technology Act 2000 and the rules and notifications made there under without ruling out any other matter that may be accepted as a special case.

For this purpose, it will invite Cyber Law specialists who would like to offer their services for acting as Mediators or Arbitrators to join as members whose profiles could be made available for view by those who request information.

It is open to the parties to the dispute to chose their Counsels or Mediators or Arbitrators from the members available. On request, CDMAC may assist the disputants in sending requests to the chosen members and obtain their consent.

CDMAC will define the standard fees but the members may define their own fee structure which will be conveyed to the disputing parties when the services of the member are requested.

We invite interested persons from registering themselves as members and offer their services.

A Governing Council of CDMAC will determine whether any request for membership has to be accepted or not or accepted with any conditions.