Welcome to the new website in the network of Naavi.org. This website is set up with the twin objectives of

a) Creating an ADR Knowledge Center to provide a platform for ADR practitioners in general and those interested in Cyber Disputes to exchange information and enhance their knowledge.

b) Creating an Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism where persons with Cyber disputes may settle their disputes outside the statutory remedies of Adjudication followed by the Appellate Tribunal (now with TDSAT)

As a center for dissemination of knowledge related to ADR, the website will contain articles on ADR and information on the relevant legislations etc. Initially contributions will be from Naavi. However, it is expected that other experts may start contributing their thoughts to the site in due course.

As regards creating an Alternate Dispute Mechanism for settling Cyber Disputes, it is envisaged that An “Alternate Dispute Resolution Center” specializing in resolving Cyber Disputes  will be set up as part of the activities of this site. It will develop a set of basic rules, enroll experts who can counsel parties and/or also act as Arbitrators and Mediators.

The center will be titled “Cyber Disputes Mediation and Arbitration Center” .(CDMAC)

CDMAC will engage itself both in Mediations and Arbitrations to provide an alternative to “Adjudication under Section 46 of Information Technology Act 2000 (ITA2000). Use of the mediation and arbitration under CDMAC would be purely voluntary and is based on the provision of “Compounding” that is available under ITA 2000/8 both for civil disputes and for most of the criminal offences.

The Center will be using the services of odrglobal.in as an online platform to the extent possible so that proceedings can be completed online in most cases.

CDMAC will enroll members who would be able to assist parties who want to settle their disputes by Mediation or Arbitration either by acting as their counsels or as Arbitrators. The Center would specialize in facilitating contraventions of Information Technology Act 2000 and hence experts in Cyber Law and IT with an understanding of the ADR process are invited to register themselves as per the terms provided elsewhere on the site.