Ordinance to Set up “New Delhi International Arbitration Center”

While the Modi Government is yet to take  a view on the Indian Data Protection Regulator as recommended under the PDPA 2018, Government moved in to promulgate an ordinance to establish “New Delhi International Arbitration Center” (NDIAC) as was suggested by the Justice Srikrishna Committee on Arbitration.

Copy of Press release here

Copy of Ordinance here

It will perhaps be headed by a Chair person  who has been a judge of Supreme Court or a Judge of High Court though perhaps a non Judge may also be eligible for the appointment.

It will also have atleaset two full time or part time members.

The objectives of NDAIC would be as follows:

(a) to bring targeted reforms to develop itself as a flagship institution for conducting
international and domestic arbitration
(b) provide facilities and administrative assistance for conciliation mediation and arbitral
(c) maintain panels of accredited arbitrators, conciliators and mediators both at national and international level or specialists such as surveyors and investigators;
(d) facilitate conducting of international and domestic arbitrations and conciliation in the most professional manner;
(e) provide cost effective and timely services for the conduct of arbitrations and conciliations at Domestic and International level;
(f) promote studies in the field of alternative dispute resolution and related matters, and to
promote reforms in the system of settlement of disputes; and
(g) co-operate with other societies, institutions and organisations, national or international for promoting alternative dispute resolution.

Since the term of the Parliament is soon going to end, the Bills passed by Loksabha and not passed by Rajyasabha would lapse. It appears that the setting up of this Arbitration Center has been considered a priority ahead of even the Personal Data Protection Bill and passed as an ordinance.

Further developments are awaited.


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  1. naavi108 says:

    A Stay has been granted by Delhi High Court on the ordinance. Further developments are awaited.

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